Measuring our progress

Together, we have set a bold vision for the future of Unity Health Toronto. As we shift from strategy formulation to strategy execution, we will set specific objectives and targets annually to drive and track our progress. There are a number of overarching goals, for which we have assigned “big dot” indicators to track our success in achieving our vision, The best care experiences. Created together. The indicators will be “SMART” — that is, they will be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. They will be meaningful and understandable by our people and our patients, and actionable in the next five years.

We will measure our progress through a balanced scorecard with indicators often related to goals in one or more of the components of our strategy. In fact, some measures may apply to multiple strategic components with overlapping indicators all pushing us towards achieving our vision.

Balanced scorecard approach (text version below)
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Our Patients, Families, Partners and Communities

Exceptional Patient Experiences

  • Patient engagement

Excellence in dimensions of Quality

  • Patient outcomes
  • Safety
  • Equity
  • Access
  • Value

Integrated Care

  • Patients enrolled in integrated models

Be an Excellent Partner

  • Partnerships or inter-organizational initiatives

Learning and Innovation

Research and Innovation

  • Publications in top journals
  • Care advances through knowledge translation

Learning Institute of choice

  • Learners choosing Unity Health Toronto for placement

Joy in Work

  • Staff, physician and volunteer engagement scores



  • Strategic growth
  • Cost per weighted case ranking
  • Savings from green initiatives

Strategic Investment Plan

  • Project milestones

Investing in our Future

Patient and Family Partnered Care

  • Patient and family advisor engagement scores

Care Experience Institute

  • Project milestones

Digital solutions & analytics

  • Electronic patient record and digital patient/caregiver tools
  • Virtual care models
  • Adoption rates and user experience of tools
  • Advanced analytics and Al projects


This plan is the promise we are making to our whole community – our patients, families, health care partners and people. We are setting out to transform health care and the health care experience.

Throughout our planning process, we listened carefully to the input of our people and our stakeholders. Our communities, our health care environment and health care priorities are changing. We heard clearly the need for effective, safe, world-class health care that is easy to navigate and empowers patients and families. We also heard the need to embrace the power of digital technology and artificial intelligence and to value learning and discovery – all while making wise financial choices. This plan is our roadmap to better care and better care experiences.

Our shared vision will serve as our beacon, urging us forward. Everyone who serves at Unity Health Toronto shares one thing in common – our desire to make a positive difference: to help make people’s life better, more dignified and fulfilled. Our plan will help us achieve this.

Over the next five years, we will imagine new possibilities, new partnerships and new ways of delivering care. We began this journey by dreaming big. Now we will embark on a journey to bring this plan to life.

The result will be The best care experiences. Created together.

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