A message from our CEO and Board Chair

It was nearly a year ago when we began reaching out to our community, asking people what matters most to them about their health care, what they imagine to be the best possible care experience and how they see Unity Health Toronto partnering with them and others to create a healthier future for everyone.

The response was overwhelming and inspiring. We received more than 4,000 suggestions from different people across our network and our communities. People’s passion and commitment to health care and to our network resonated throughout. Your hopes and dreams for Unity Health Toronto helped us create this bold plan. It is our road map for the next five years to delivering leading-edge health care that is built around understanding the unique needs of each person in our care.

Thank you for your engagement and support.

Together we will tackle some of the most complex health care challenges facing our city, province and the world – where social determinants intersect with health, equity and access to care. This is where the mission of Unity Health will shine as we contribute much needed leadership in planning and providing care for those experiencing disadvantage in our communities and beyond.

We will work collaboratively with our partners to coordinate services and offer a seamless care experience for all of our patients, residents and families. We will continue to lead globally in tertiary and quaternary care, research and education. We also know that in order to provide exemplary care experiences, we must be mindful of the health and happiness of our 10,000-plus employees and physicians. Thus, joy in work will be a focus. All of our strategic initiatives will be supported and driven by continually pursuing excellence in quality improvement, digital and data-enabled care and value creation.

This is an aspirational and visionary plan that is founded in the mission and values of our three sister hospitals. It imagines new ways of understanding, delivering and improving care. While Unity Health Toronto may be new, together we have a collective history of over 160 years of providing care to our communities. Each of our facilities and service areas is a leader, bringing unique strengths and experiences that stretch the full continuum of care along the patient journey.

Thank you to the many people who have contributed to this plan. Together, we have charted a course for a truly inspiring journey.

Tim Rutledge
President & CEO
Unity Health Toronto

Tom Woods
Chair, Board of Directors
Unity Health Toronto